FERTURE OÜ – Estonian transport and logistics company, representing the full range of services for the delivery of goods from all over the world.

Our company carries out the international carriage of goods by various modes of transport - road, sea, rail, air and river.

We offer optimal solutions for delivery of your cargo and always find a happy medium "price - quality - delivery time", that is our competitive advantage.

We offer transport and logistical services, such as:

  • optimization of the routes of the freights;
  • optimization of transport costs and expenses;
  • optimization of the commercial speed of delivery of goods;
  • organization and maintenance of the delivery;

It is often accompanied by additional transportation services that we render to you: cargo insurance, cargo handling, warehousing, security, customs clearance, and so on. Our company can help you with a separate segment of cargo carriage as well, as carry out delivery "from door to door."

One of the priorities of our company is the delivery of cargoes. For delivery of cargoes we propose to use the existing regular services. Depending on the characteristics of your cargo, we will calculate the most cost effective route and timing.

The company provides personalized service for each of our customers and carry out continuous monitoring during the transport process.

No doubt, the fastest type of delivery, and other assorted goods is - air transport. Our company provides a full range of freight forwarding and shipping import and export air cargo from China, the United States, Europe and other countries. We use over 30 different airlines to provide the best service and satisfy customer needs.

A large network of agents in ports all over the world allows us to transport any cargo by sea transport, including container lines. We provide a full range of cargo shipping, including chartering of vessels.

We perform international road transport of general, prefabricated, oversized and hazardous cargo throughout Europe, Russia and CIS countries. Our machines are constantly ready for loading cargo in Germany, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, England and other countries.

Our goal - to optimize the route and the speed of your commercial cargo, while achieving the maximum reduction of transportation costs and expenses.

We are always happy to advise clients in matters of transport logistics - as it is more convenient, faster and more profitable to deliver your cargo to its destination.